Natural and silicone rubber moulding
Spheres and customised technical components

We are a creative company that can turn your brilliant ideas into a reality!

Camisana snc began moulding and producing customised technical components in rubber, metallic rubber and silicone in 1978..

The operational structure covers a total area of 1500 m2 including a moulding area, a mixing area, a mould stockroom, a raw material stockroom and offices.

Our specialized workforce, part of a high-quality system in which rules and procedures are respected to allow the correct management of production, enables us to produce quality products at competitive prices.We use 2 injection presses and 12 compression presses for production. Our method of operating is based on the acquisition of the customer’s project, when it is unavailable, of the object to be produced, the planning and building of the mould and moulding the item with specific material..

We manufacture and mould all types of elastomers, platinum and peroxide cured silicone, natural and synthetic rubber, producing more than 800 customised technical components such as dampers, crowns, slip rings, joints, gaskets, sheets, sleeves, o-rings, cable ducts, rubber feet, spheres, gussets, stators, buffers, caps, suction caps etc.