The Importance

of Tradition

  • After over half a century in business, we have managed to stay true to our artisanal roots, from our attention to detail to our comprehensive control activities, balancing tradition with ever-evolving techniques and facilities.
    By designing and manufacturing technical products according to our customers’ actual needs, we are able to approach rubber moulding from a new angle.
    This interplay between past and present has allowed us to increase our skills and tackle every project that comes our way.


of Innovation

  • Staying at the cutting edge of technology requires constant work, innovative processes and materials.
    We therefore prioritise research activities, evaluate new and higher performance materials, and experiment with innovative technological solutions in order to invest in our future.


for Humanity and the Environment

  • Our employees are the beating heart of our company, keeping it growing and evolving year after year. To help them thrive, we offer extensive training, enforce strict safety regulations in the workplace, and provide them with safe and beautiful workspaces.By sharing information, creating close and transparent relationships, supporting our employees’ professional and personal development, and fostering a sense of pride and community, we can encourage the development of new work processes and improve product quality.With regard to the environment, our company prioritises eco-friendly materials and moulding methods, using clean self-generated energy from the photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our warehouses. We have also removed and replaced the asbestos in our facilities, improving our relationship with the land around us.
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