The Magic Ingredient

  • Compounds are more than just polymers, but a homogenous blend of different ingredients.In addition to sourcing polymers, fillers, plasticised products, additives and vulcanising agents from the most qualified producers, we want to mix them ourselves: we have therefore built our own mixing room, which includes a roll mill and a closed-top mixer. All the compounds with light fillers are produced in our laboratory, while the black ones are mixed from masters containing carbon black. This process keeps our compounds precise, clean, repeatable and unique.We rely on accredited bodies and laboratories to certify and approve our compounds for use in the food industry (FDA 177.2600, Ministerial Decree 174 of 31 March 1973 and subsequent updates), drinking water (ACS, DVGW, KIWA, NSF, WRAS), railways and means of transport (DIN 5510-2, NF F 16-101).

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